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The highest success rate in the industry

The procedures we use are safe, non-invasive and the results are visible quickly. You will see the first results within a few days, but for the full result you may need up to 8 months.

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Hair treatment

Date: 01.02.2018
The treatment was completed on the aforementioned date. The picture of after is taken after 8 months. You can see the difference.

Another result

Date: 02.03.2019
The patient was admitted and processed as we have explained above. The results you can see are after only 6 months.
services-before-after-01 services-before-after-02
services-before-after-03 services-before-after-04

Full hair transplant

Date: 05.10.2018
The patient was treated for a full hair transplant. He got the results as you can see within 1 year.

Beard result

Date: 05.06.2019
The patient got a complete beard transplant. The results you can see are after only 2 months.
home-before-after-04 home-before-after-03

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